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Nome d'Arte:: Colby Keller
Professione: Porn Star
Razza: Caucasian - American
Colore degli occhi: Brown
Colore dei capelli: Brown
Pene: Circoncisione
Peli del corpo: Smooth
Fisico: Muscular
Ruolo Sessuale: Flessibile
Extra: Bearded, sexy and incredibly popular, Colby Keller is a self described “bigger, scruffier, and more introverted variety of porn actor.” Not only does Colby show his hairy body off for such studios as Titan, Falcon, Dominic Ford, and Randy Blue, but Colby is also known for his non-pornographic paintings and drawings. Colby Keller stands at 6’2” and is a well-muscled guy with an 8 inch cock. He both bottoms and tops in porn and his fans love his outgoing sense of humor on his personal blog and Twitter.
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